Set up SBCGlobal Email account in Outlook

Set up SBCGlobal Email account in Outlook

SBCGlobal email has gone through a lot of changes in the recent few years. email accounts are now accessed through the AT&T website. This may lead to confusion among some users. Fortunately, with popular email programs like MS Outlook, you can send and receive SBCGlobal very smoothly. However, for doing this, you first have to set up SBCGlobal account in Outlook.

In this tutorial, we will take you through the simple procedure by which you can configure and access SBCGlobal emails on MS outlook.

Things to know before you Add SBCGlobal to MS Outlook

It is a fact that you can configure SBCGlobal email on MS Outlook if you know the correct process to do so. However, there are some very crucial that you should keep in mind before initiating the configuration.

  1. Check your internet connection: The first thing you should check before setting up SBCGlobal on outlook is your Internet connection. The configuration process will not be completed unless you are connected to a good internet connection.
  2. Know your login credentials: It is also important for you to know the login credential of the SBCGlobal email account you are looking to add on MS Outlook. You must reset SBCGlobal password first in case you can’t remember it.

How to Configure SBCGlobal on Outlook? – Step by step process

As long as you have an active internet connection and remember the login credentials, you may access SBCGlobal on Outlook with ease.  Let’s go through the steps to set up SBCGlobal email account on Microsoft.

  • Launch “Outlook” and open the “File” tab.
  • Then, click on the “Add account” button. This will run the “Add Account Setup”.
  • Choose “Manual Setup or Additional Server Types” and click on the “next” button.
  • Now, from the “Choose Service” page, you must select “IMAP or POP” and click “next”.
  • Next, enter your name and full SBCGlobal email address in the appropriate fields.
  • Go to “Account type” and select “pop3” from the drop-down menu.
  • After that, you must go to the “Incoming Mail Server” field and enter “”.
  • Type “” into the “Outgoing mail server” field.
  • Open “More Settings” and choose the “Outgoing server” field.
  • Check the box against “My Outgoing Server (SMTP) Requires Authentication”
  • Go to the “Advanced” tab and check the box against “This Server Requires an Encrypted Connection (SSL)”.
  • Then, you should enter “995” in the “Incoming Server” field.
  • Similarly, enter “465” in the “Outgoing server” field.
  • Open “Use the Following Type of Encrypted Connection” and select “SSL”.
  • Now, to configure the mailbox, you need to click “Ok” and then “Next”.
  • Finally, you may wrap up the process by clicking “Finish” and then “close”. This will also close the wizard.

Important Note: These steps are applicable for MS outlook 2013. For other versions, a few of the steps can be different.

In the above method, we have used the POP3 configuration to set up the SBCGlobal account in Outlook. Alternatively, you may also IMAP/ SMTP setting for the same purpose.

The general steps don’t change no-matter you are using POP or IMAP settings. You just need to enter the different values in various fields like server name, port, etc. IMAP/ SMTP configuration for Microsoft Outlook

In case you are looking to access SBCGlobal email account on MS Outlook using the IMAP protocols, you will need the IMAP and SMTP settings given below. (AT&T) IMAP Server
IMAP port name 993
Security (IMAP) SSL / TLS
IMAP Username Enter your full SBCGlobal email address
IMAP Password Provide the password of your SBCGlobal email account (AT&T) SMTP Server
SMTP port 465
Security (SMTP)               SSL / TLS
SMTP username               Enter complete SBCGlobal email address
SMTP password Provide the password of your SBCGlobal email account

Please note that if SBCGlobal not sending or receiving emails after entering the settings then you should recheck the server names and ports entered. You may also switch from IMAP to POP and vice versa.

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