Bellsouth Email Setting

Bellsouth Email Setting

Bellsouth email aka AT&T is one of the best email services in the world having millions of users. The email has a much wider customer base who use the service in devices like android phone and iPhone. Users can use the email services provided by by properly configuring the same on their devices. Setting up Bellsouth email on different devices is considered a tedious task by the AT&T users. Often users are seen struggling with the configuration. If they set up email incorrectly, then they might face problem in sending and receiving emails.

An incorrect setup can create numerous issues with the email. These issues if not resolved on time can lead to serious consequences. To get rid of this unpleasant situation, here we are providing the correct way to set up Bellsouth email on Android, iPhone, Outlook among others.

Common issues with Email settings for Bellsouth

Given below are some the common technical problems that have its origin in Bellsouth email setup-

  • Cannot login into Bellsouth email
  • Unable to send emails in AT&T email
  • Unable to open email
  • Sign-in errors in
  • Cannot receive emails in Bellsouth
  • Spoofed email problem

Sign-in errors can cause a lot of problem to the users since the credentials cannot be verified properly. As a result, Bellsouth email user cannot access his/her account to check his/her email let alone send one. However, the bright thing is that re-configuring aka AT&T can solve all these major problems.

How to configure Bellsouth email on Android

If you wish to connect Bellsouth email with your android device, then here’s what you need to follow-

  • Touch the “apps” tray and go to the “settings” section.
  • Now under the “user’s account”, tap the “add account” option.
  • Touch the “email” option and enter your username and password when prompted.
  • Tap the “manual settings” option to manually configure AT&T on android.
  • In the incoming server settings, enter the given information-
    • Server type: POP3
    • Username: Enter your username
    • Incoming server:
    • Password: Enter the password of Bellsouth email
    • Port number: 995
  • Hit the “next” button to jump to the outgoing email server settings.
    • Server type: SMTP
    • Outgoing server:
    • Port number: 465
  • Enter the “next” button to complete the setup. Now you have successfully configured Bellsouth on android phone.

Steps to set up Bellsouth email on iPhone and ipad

The process to link your AT&T email account with iPhone/ipad is provided here-

  • Tap the “settings” on the home screen of your iPhone.
  • Tap the “mail, contacts, calendars” option on the left side of the screen and select “add account” from the menu.
  • Tap on the “other” option and then select “add account”.
  • Enter your username and password when prompted.
  • Select the “POP” as your incoming server and enter the following information-
    • Hostname:
    • Username: Enter the username through which you access Bellsouth email.
    • Password: Provide the password of AT&T email.
  • Hit the “next” button and go to the outgoing server settings.
  • Enter the following information in the SMTP server-
    • Hostname:
    • Port number: 465
    • Username: Enter the username with which you access email.
    • Password: Provide the password of Bellsouth email.
  • Now tap on the “finish” button to complete Bellsouth email setup on iPhone/ipad.

Add AT&T email in Outlook for Windows 10

The email configuration for Bellsouth in outlook can be done as per the instructions given below-

  • Open the Outlook client on your computer.
  • Go to the file section and select “add account”.
  • Now you need to choose “Manually configure server settings or additional server types” followed by “next” button.
  • Click on the “next” button available on the other windows.
  • You are required to enter your email address and username.
  • Choose IMAP or POP as your server and then click on the “next” button.
  • The incoming email server settings should be “”.
  • The outgoing email server settings should be “”.
  • Enter your email address and password when prompted.
  • Select “more settings” and put a check across both “My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication” and “Use same settings as my incoming mail server” the boxes.
  • Now go to the “advanced” tab and ensure that the incoming server port number is set to 995 and outgoing port number to be 465.
  • You need to enable SSL under the “Use the following type of encrypted connection” section.
  • Hit the “finish” button and you’ve successfully configured Bellsouth settings on Outlook.

Contact Bellsouth email support for further help

If you face trouble in implementing any of the steps given above, or did not understand the process at all, then you may take the help and guidance of the Bellsouth customer support. The agents at AT&T technical support will assist you in resolving the configuration related problem or any other problem with Bellsouth properly. By dialing the 24 X 7 Bellsouth email technical service support number, you can easily fix the configuration errors in no time.